Khmer Freshie Girls | Cambodian Beautiful Girls

Don’t be surprise, because this is an old news since 2006. Khmer Freshie boy and girl contest, as so known as Cambodian Beautiful Boy and Girl Contest. Contestants pose during the Cambodian beauty contest held in Phnom Penh on September 14, 2006

khmer freshie girls

khmer freshie girl

Khmer Singer | Oak Sokunkanha

Oak Sokunkanha was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Oak Sokunkanha has been producing CD and Karaoke for KH Promotion, RSK, MK, TorMeas, ReyMeas, and many other productions.

Oak Sokunkanha love to sing new rhythm , new word lyric, and new beat. Many of her songs are New Wave, Rap Hip Hop, Cha Cha, Regea, Disco, and Khmer Rhythm.

You can see Oak Sokunkanha’s movie call Sramach broleng plerng Angkorwat Production vol. 66

She is very popular among Cambodian Teenagers.

Ouk Sokhun Kanja

khmer hot model

Ouk Sokhun Kanja

Ouk Sokhun Kanja
khmer singer

Khmer Freshie Girl | Pov Theavy

Pov Theavy was crowned as a winner of the 2006 Khmer Freshie Girl contest, which received a wining prize of $1,500 and other plenty of gifts. This contest organized by Cambodia Television Network (CTN).

pov theavy

oun sethy
Oun Sethy (Left)& Pov Theavy (Right)
khmer freshie girl
khmer freshie

Vang Sreyno Khmer Sexy Model

vang sreyno khmer sexy model
vang sreyno khmer sixy model

Youk Therotha Khmer Singer

youk therotha khmer singer
youk therotha khmer singer

Khmer Super Star 2010 [YouTube]

Chea Vannarith Khmer Male Star

chea vannarith khmer male star

Doung Zorida Khmer Star in Custom Dress

doung zorida khmer star in custom dress
doung zorida khmer star in custom dress

Chhit Socheata Khmer Model in New Fashion Dress

chhit socheata khmer model in new fashion dress

Arn Kunkola Khmer Male Singer

arn kunkola khmer male singer
arn kunkola khmer male singer